Sound Blankets

Sound blankets are a versatile and functional solution for 'source' noise control. Also called acoustic wraps, noise covers, or velcro sealed noise blankets these completely removable and reusable sound barriers are easy to install and effective for use outdoors or in high heat environments.

Made from composite materials of Teflon impregnated cloth and loaded vinyl noise barrier, the blankets are custom-fit to encapsulate noisy equipment and block sound at the source. Commonly used on chillers and refrigeration units, fans/blowers, compressor housings, hydraulic pumps and other equipment where space is at a premium.

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Sample construction data sheets and specifications can be viewed in the "Resources" table at bottom of page.

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Sound Blanket

eNoise Control's removable velcro-sealed sound blankets help address sound directly at the source. Our re-usable, high temperature, sound control blankets are an ideal fit for compressor noise and fan housing noise applications.

Removable Sound Blanket
Removable Sound Blanket Removable Sound Blanket acoustic blanket wrap

Our pre-engineered acoustic insulation systems are designed to fit three dimensionally around a noise source to help quiet the component creating the obtrusive noise. Our blankets feature an inner and outer chemical resistant Teflon fiberglass cloth, with high density fiberglass mat and barium sulfate loaded vinyl.

The sound blanket is removable and reusable.  Ease of installation is another great benefit of our sound control systems.  Blanket pieces can be installed with minimal effort and they feature a stainless steel wire-twist fastening system. No additional tools or materials are required for installation.
Advantages Applications
  • can be installed with plant personnel
  • can be removed and reused numerous times
  • is a closed insulation system
  • is custom-fit to existing conditions
  • is an ideal replacement for Asbestos
  • is vibration resistant
  • satisfies OSHA safety requirements
  • chiller compressors
  • any load manufacturing process
  • ejectors
  • gear box casings
  • steam and gas turbine housings
  • compressor housings
  • exhaust ducting
  • pressure reducing valves
  • custom sound curtains
  • liquid chillers
  Removable Sound Blanket Data Sheet
  Removable Sound Blanket Drawings
  Model RSB-20 Removable Blanket Specifications