Gas Compressor Noise Control

Gas Compressor Noise Control – Case Study



A natural gas compressor station had just been brought on-line when neighbors started complaining about the noise. Ambient noise levels in this rural area were measured between 43 and 46 dBA at night. After an unsuccessful attempt at mitigating the noise with a thin metal building, the gas supplier called eNoise Control to assist in abating the noise.

Natural Gas Compressor

Natural Gas Compressor

eNoise Control was brought in to measure the current noise levels at the property line. The new 1300 horsepower compressor was generated new noise at the property line of 59 dBA. These levels exceeded the city codes and an acoustic reduction goal was established.


While still maintaining operation of the compressor, eNoise Control engineered and supplied a modular acoustic steel sound enclosure. This enclosure was completely outfitted with access doors and silenced ventilation. Our system is specifically engineered for the difficult low frequency “drone” of the outdoor gas compressor stations.

Our ultimate goal was exceeded by 5 decibels. The client was pleased to eliminate the noise levels and vowed to use eNoise Control again in their future compressor station work.

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