Property Line Noise Ordinance

Property Line Noise Ordinance

eNoise Control is very familiar with noise ordinances across the country.  Our firm offers acoustic consulting services to help our customers navigate property line noise infringement disputes.  Our company is able to take certified, calibrated sound level readings at the property line and compare those values to the local noise ordinance.  We then evaluate whether the noise sources is in compliance with those noise codes.

Noise ordinances vary by state and by city.  Some codes are written to include language such as nuisance, objectionable, tonal, or disturbance.  Below is an excerpt of an ordinance that includes some examples.

“Create a noise disturbance on public property or streets, across a real property boundary, or within a noise sensitive zone.  If such a device is plainly audible on the property of another or within a building other than that within which the device is located, and, if a complaint is made to the Noise Control Officer regarding annoyance or disturbance as a result of such device, this shall serve as prima facie evidence of a violation.”

Some codes include decibel levels not to exceed and can be general or very specific.  Large cities such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles has very length and detailed written codes.

Overview of Chicago

Overview of Chicago


Here is an excerpt of a more detailed noise code written with specific decibel levels:

A noise measured or registered as provided herein from any source not exempted by this chapter at a level which is equal to or in excess of the db(A) established for the time period and zones listed below or that exceeds the background level by five db(A), whichever is greater, is declared to be excessive, unusual, loud, and unnecessary, for the purposes of Section 8.41.010:

Zone 8 a.m. to next 10 p.m. 10 p.m. to next 8 a.m.
Residential 55 db(A) 50 db(A)
Commercial 60 db(A) 55 db(A)
Light Industrial 70 db(A) 65 db(A)
Industrial 80 db(A) 75 db(A)

There can be a lot of variety with property line noise control disputes.  We recommend hiring an acoustical consultant and noise expert, such as eNoise, to help you quantify your sound levels and offer feasible options on controlling that noise.

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