Clean Room Noise Reduction

Clean Room Noise Reduction



A ‘clean room’ is essentially a controlled environment in which contaminants – sub-micron airborne particles – are reduced to specified limits. Clean rooms are planned and manufactured using strict protocol and methods. The level to which these particles need to be removed depends upon the standards that need to be followed. Most frequently used is the Federal Standard 209E.

Maintaining a clean room environment to Federal Standards while controlling noise levels can be a detailed and technically challenging task. Clean Room noise can be difficult to address because of the required low-level of contamination that is specified. Often, fear of compromising clean room standards can limit the solutions available to noise control and may lead to inaction. Listed below, we have assembled several noise control products specifically designed to meet the high demands of a clean room environment.

PRODUCT: Industrial FDA Approved Baffles

FDA BaffleThese baffles are the ideal solution to reverberation issues in areas where a low level of pollutants is required. The baffles are comprised of a sound absorptive fiberglass core completely encapsulated in a reinforced mylar film. The white facing reflects light, which adds to the illumination in a room. Standard size is 4′ x 2′ with 2 brass grommets on one four foot side.

USES: Food Processing Plants, Hospitals, Wineries, and Institutional Kitchens.

FEATURES: FDA Approved – Washable – Stain resistant NRC rating up to 12.8 per 4′ x 2′ baffle Choice of core densities (1.6 lb or 3.0 lb core)

PRODUCT: Industrial Ultra Panels

Ultra PanelsThese panels incorporate a fiberglass core with a variety of Industrial facings to create a clean, crisp appearance.

USES: Ultra Panels are ideal for use in any harsh environment to reduce noise levels.

FEATURES: Can be manufactured in any number of sizes and thickness.
Class A flammability
Available with a virtually rip proof mylar facing

PRODUCT: Industrial UN-10 R Flexible Noise Barrier

This barrier is a 1 lb/psf reinforced loaded vinyl barrier used to stop the transmission of noise from one area to another. Typically used as barrier panels in an acoustical enclosure or as the barrier component in conjunction with the FDA Panels for a barrier/absorber composite product. Curtain panels are typically constructed with grommets across the top and vertical edges to suspend and form closures.  Standard rolls measure 54″ wide x 30′ long or 54″ wide x 60′ long.

UN10R Roll

USES: Ideal for noise containment applications
Barrier panel in acoustical enclosures
Acoustical ‘jacket’ or wrap

FEATURES: FDA Approved – Standard rolls measure: 54″ wide x 30′ long and 54″ wide x 60′ long Available in gray, tan or blue


PRODUCT: Industrial clear vinyl noise barriers

Clear VinylClear vinyl noise barriers are transparent vinyl barriers that offer significant noise reduction while allowing for visibility and easy access. Standard available weights include 1/2 lb psf, 3/4 lb psf, and 1 lb psf. Clear vinyl noise barriers are available in standard rolls measuring 4′ wide x 60′ long or strips.

USES: Ideal for noise containment applications where visibility is required

FEATURES: Standard available weights:1/2 lb psf, 3/4 lb psf, or 1 lb psf.
Standard roll size: 4′ wide x 60′ long, or strips.

PRODUCT: Metal Panel Sound Absorbers

Metal PanelThese metal panels are micro-cracked to create the ideal airflow resistance to optimally absorb the sound impinging on it. The low frequency absorption can be enhanced by increasing the air space behind it.

USES: Millennium Metal offers superior acoustical performance both for sound absorption and sound transmission loss with a low installed cost. Using honeycomb core in panel construction creates a superior lightweight rigid acoustical panel which can be used to make unframed acoustical enclosures with excellent absorption and sound transmission properties

FEATURES: Standard – Millennium Metal is aluminum
Also available in: steelCan be manufactured using pre-painted metal in the required finish color


The highest levels of noise control can be achieved using acoustical absorbers for reverberated noise and a sound barrier with a sound absorber for sound enclosures and walls to contain noise. Using any of the products shown above, alone or in combination, will greatly reduce plant noise levels.