Standard Terms and Conditions

eNoise Control Terms and Conditions

DOB:  Shipping point Freight Collect unless otherwise agreed.  No freight allowed or included unless quoted otherwise.  All freight quotes are valid for (30) days only and will be invoiced at the rate in place at the time of delivery.  Quoted freight charges may be subject to change upon a change in scope of work delivered.

RISK OF LOSS:  Passes to buyer at our dock.

TAXES:  No sales, or other taxes, duties, or fees included.

PERMITS:  All permits, zoning approval, etc., shall be the buyer’s responsibility.

PAYMENT TERMS:  Standard terms unless otherwise accepted are as follows:  20% deposit due upon customer receipt of eNoise shop drawings.  Balance of payment due Net 30 days after shipment.  Failure of these terms could subject client to late fee charges and collection fee reimbursement.

CONTRACTORS & RE-SELLERS:  eNoise Control does not accept terms that stipulate payment to eNoise Control is contingent upon payment by Owner or third party to contractor or reseller.

ACCEPTANCE/PRICE PROTECTION:  Quotations are valid for sixty (60) days.  Pricing is firm for completion in accordance with delivery as quoted.  Customer delayed schedule may result in a price adjustment based on pricing valid at the time of shipment.

DELIVERY:  eNoise Control will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver items as quickly as possible and within any time periods indicated; however, eNoise Control will not be responsible for any delays in delivery which are beyond its control.  Where delivery is delayed, eNoise Control will notify you as soon as possible.