eNoise Control provides a variety of services to clients with noise control problems. If you are unsure of the service that you need, call us at 1-888-213-4711. In many cases, we can help you solve the problem without coming on-site. However, in more complex situations, or if you need noise readings, we can travel to your location for these services. See below for a list of some of the services we offer.

Acoustical Consulting

Our Acoustical Consulting services includes a full range of services to help you understand your noise control problem. We can come to your facility or property to conduct sound readings, evaluate noise sources, and provide noise analyses. The results of the on-site visit can help you choose the best solution for your problem.

Sound Survey

With our sound measurement services, we provide charts and maps of the sound readings on your property. This data can help you determine the biggest problem areas and identify the focus of your noise mitigation efforts.

Expert Witness

In situations involving a legal dispute over noise levels or property line disturbances, we provide expert witness services to help navigate the noise code and provide sound readings. Our expert testimony and noise models can provide valuable information to the legal case.

Property Line Noise

eNoise Control’s Property Line Noise Analyses can help you understand how the local noise ordinances apply to you and your property. We can take sound readings at the property line to determine if a noise source is violating the noise code.

With our services, in addition to helping you identify the problem noise source, we will also provide recommendations on mitigating the noise. Possible solutions can include constructing a barrier to block or absorb noise or making adjustments to equipment to lower the noise.

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