Soil and Groundwater Remediation System Noise and Sound Control

Soil and Groundwater Remediation System Noise and Sound Control- Case Study



Soil_a2eNoise Control was contacted by an environmental firm responsible for remediation of ground contaminants left behind by a gas station that has since been removed. The environmental firm was placing equipment at a site in a downtown area adjacent to a motel and other residential and commercial properties. The remediation system consisted of several blowers and a compressor that are used to remove the contaminates in the soil. The equipment was located outdoors and operates 24 hrs. a day. The environmental firm received several complaints from the motel because of the remediation system noise and called Unger Technologies for a solution.


eNoise Control proposed the use of an outdoor sound curtain enclosure. The enclosure was constructed of tubular steel columns and cross members. The sound curtains are hung from a hook and trolley on a double track for accessibility to anywhere within the enclosure by sliding the individual panels left or right. The curtains and roof panels are constructed of a reinforced sound barrier bonded to a 1″ thick acoustical

Noise Remediation Enclosure

Noise Remediation Enclosure

absorber and faced with a weather proof silicon impregnated fabric. Mating exterior grade Velcro seals each panel to another forming the walls of the enclosure. The customer chose to enclose three sides of the remediation equipment with one side open for air flow to the system.

The result was a significant reduction in the sound level and noise from the equipment. The adjacent motel was satisfied with the lower noise levels and the complaints ceased. The environmental firm’s goals were met.

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