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FEATURED PRODUCT - Studio Doors & Windows

Studio Doors & Windows

Acoustically Tested for Music Studios

Acoustically tested with ratings from STC-45 to STC-60 to insulate recording studio control rooms.

Our recording studio doors & windows are manufactured and acoustically tested to meet your music studio/control room performance needs. Applications include recording studios, control rooms, mix rooms, TV studios, and podcast rooms.


eNoise Control is your source for Industrial-Commercial-Environmental sound suppression products and services.

Over 25+ years’ experience  - Proven results -  Guaranteed noise reduction

“eNoise Control offered guidance on lowering noise inside our assembly facility.  We purchased there sound dampening curtain system.  We were very satisfied with the acoustic results and working with the eNoise Control team.”  -- Bob G. / Fiat Chrysler

We provide a full range of noise reduction products including:

  • sound dampening blankets
  • acoustic panels
  • soundproof curtains
  • soundproof foam
  • outdoor sound barrier walls
  • soundproof doors
  • acoustic consulting services

We are familiar with noise ordinances across the country including New York, California, Texas and can help you with environmental noise reduction issues.  Let us help you with construction site sound blankets, sound walls, acoustic consultation, sound surveys and evaluation work.

eNoise has industrial engineered acoustic solutions and off-the-shelf options for quick-ship needs.

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