Expert Witness

Acoustic Consultant Expert Witness

eNoise Control offers expert witness testimony services for noise control legal applications.  Attorneys have partnered with eNoise Control for guidance with noise nuisance cases, property line disturbances, analysis of noise codes and noise regulations, and their clients’ property rights regarding high noise levels and nuisances.

As an acoustic consultant and expert witness, our company specializes in noise analysis and feasibility studies.  Our consultants travel and can come on-site to provide sound level readings and baseline testing using our sophisticated sound meter equipment to measure the decibel levels.  We also capture octave band (frequency) levels.  All of these analyses can be important to the legal case and lawsuit.  Our reports provide data for noise sources exceeding the allowable noise pollution level as set by the local noise code, as well as information regarding the tone and frequency of the noise source and why it might be disturbing and annoying.

Noise Modeling

eNoise Control also offers noise modeling services.  With a sophisticated software program called Cadna-A, we are able to input sound data on a Google Earth image and show projections of sound levels to the receiver’s property line.

We are available to talk to lawyers and their clients regarding their expert witness and property noise applications.  Call us toll free at 888-213-4711. With over 25 years in business, we can assist with expertise and guidance.

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