Punch Press Sound Enclosure

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The following sound level data was collected before and after the installation of eNoise Control’s removable Panel Acoustical Enclosure System for a Minster P2-100-48 Press.

The enclosures standard features include:

  • Free standing roof system to permit removal of any two sides without dismantling rsound_enclosure_with_open_dooroof
  • Quick connect panel joining system to facilitate installation
  • Floor leveling jack screws on door frames to permit erection on uneven floors
  • 16GA damped outer barrier/skin 4″ bagged absorption material (6#/cu. ft.)
  • Acoustic seal strip between cross-members and wall panels
  • Dual acoustic seal strips between floor channel and floor
  • All doors to have an acoustic seal on three side with an adjustable door wipe floor seal
  • All windows to be 1/4″ double pane tempered glass
  • Other enclosures supplied for presses manufactured by Bruderer, U.S. Baird, Yamada and Dobby.