PD Blower Noise Reduction

PD Blower Noise Reduction

The maintenance manager at Specialty Chemicals Company contacted us about a new positive displacement blower they were purchasing for a new line.  They knew it was going to be noisy and were looking for a noise mitigation solution.

The client had two main concerns:

  • easy access to the blower for maintenance
  • heat build-up within the enclosure
steel enclosure frame

Steel Enclosure Frame

steel removable panels

Steel Removable Panels








We recommended a steel sound enclosure with stand-alone frame and removable panels to allow for ease of access to the equipment.  For airflow, we sized a silenced ventilation package with elbow silencers for intake and exhaust air for motor and blower cooling.

This type of sound enclosure addresses both of the client’s concerns with superior noise control with a 4″ thick Steel modular acoustical panel, removable panels for unprecedented access to all areas of the equipment for service and major maintenance, and silenced ventilation to provide cooling for the equipment and motor.

enclosure with ventilation

Enclosure with Ventilation

PD Blower noise reduction enclosure

PD Blower Noise Reduction Enclosure

Learn more about modular steel panels in a frame.  eNoise Control can design the panels to fit within an existing frame, or supply one to support your acoustic panels.

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