Acoustic Louver

 Acoustic Louver

Acoustic Louver for Outdoor Housings

Acoustic Louver for Outdoor Compressor Housing

eNoise Control’s Acoustic Louver has a sound baffle designed to allow airflow through ventilation openings while reducing the radiation of noise. Our acoustic louvers are typically used in conjunction with machine sound enclosures, sound barrier walls and sound control rooms to allow silenced airflow. The louvers use acoustic-grade glass fiber as the principle sound-absorbing mechanism.



Interior Acoustic Louvers

Acoustic Louver used for Pump Room

Acoustical splitters, sometimes called vanes or splitter vanes, are used for mid-to-higher frequency sound attenuation. Perforated metal protects the fiber from erosion by the airflow. The splitters vary in quantity and thickness, and air passages also vary in width. They are aerodynamically shaped to minimize pressure drop. Lips are designed into the splitters to protect against weather elements.

Any machine sound enclosure such as those used for compressor, genset, backup generator or well pumps are all candidates for silenced ventilation using eNoise Control Acoustic Louver.


Standard finish is galvanized steel.  Acoustical Louvers are also available in aluminum, baked enamel, and stainless steel at additional cost.

Louver attachment can be hinged like a door with an internal frame and latches.  This option allows for excellent access by maintenance crews.

Please specify your length and width to obtain a price quote.

Acoustic Louver Certified Performance Data:


Learn more about the use of silencers for airflow sound attenuation.

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