What is an Acoustical Consultant?

There are a variety of reasons why someone would need an acoustical consultant. Sound engineering is not as simple as throwing up a few soundboards and hoping your noise control problems are solved. There are many tasks and tests that an acoustical engineer must carry out before recommending the best products/solutions for each sound scenario. Acoustical consultants are acoustical engineers who are highly qualified and trained professionals that have the right expertise to aid you in your noise control solutions.


There are a few different types of sound engineering that an acoustical consultant can assist you with, such as architectural acoustics, environmental noise control, and industrial noise control.


Architectural Acoustics:

An architectural acoustical consultant aids in the control of sound for buildings. They will be able to provide solutions for sound propagation, speech intelligibility and the enhancement of music. Some specific examples of rooms/buildings that would need the aid of an acoustical consultant would be conference halls, music venues, auditoriums, libraries, etc. An acoustical consultant will make recommendations such as space planning, room shaping, construction methods, noise control product options, etc. The acoustical consultant will perform tests, assess the current acoustical environment and make the appropriate deductions in order to provide the best solutions to enhance the sound or reduce it.

Environmental Noise Control:

An acoustical consultant for environmental noise control addresses outdoor noise and vibration concerns. Just like an architectural acoustical consultant, an environmental consultant will perform tests, analyze the site, determine the source of the noise and make appropriate recommendations to mitigate the problem. These professional noise engineers specialize in sound coming from automobiles, airplanes, trains, entertainment facilities, etc.


Expert Testimony:

There are certain legal scenarios where an acoustic expert may be needed to provide testimony. Especially in situations where there is excessive noise that leads to a legal dispute. An acoustical consultant will be able to contest to the issues surrounding the case by performing tests, comparing results, and using professional expertise.

Industrial Noise Control:

Industrial noise is a large contributor to sound disturbances because of the vibrations generated by industrial equipment and machines. There are also safety issues associated with industrial noise to neighboring communities and industrial workers. An acoustical consultant will be able to determine the levels of noise exposure by running a variety of tests and making the proper recommendations of products/solutions to reduce the noise coming from the machines and equipment. Some common industrial noise solutions include enclosures, sound blankets, sound curtains, etc.


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