When to Hire an Acoustical Consultant

There are a few key times when it is ideal to hire an acoustical consultant. Sometimes you can get away with designing a sound enclosure or setting up an acoustic barrier wall on your own successfully. But more often than not, it is much better to hire a professional to assist you in your noise control needs.

Generally speaking, if you have a need for noise control products (whether it is to enhance the noise or dampen it) you should be speaking with an acoustical consultant to properly control the sound. Considering there are so many variables in purchasing these products, such as which ones are best for your use case, whether you need them for indoors or outdoors, the quantity you will need and where to place them, it is best to consult with someone before wasting your money

Improper use of noise control products can be a complete waste of your time and money. If you are hosting a concert and improperly set up the noise control barriers, not only will your audience likely not have a pleasant audio experience but you could still be at risk of legal trouble if your sound is still exceeding the maximum output for your local noise ordinances.

To help you avoid all of this hassle, and potentially waste your money. We suggest you consult with an acoustical consultant before starting your noise control project. Not sold on the idea you need professional assistance yet? No worries, keep reading and we will convince you.


What is an Acoustical Consultant?

Alright, let’s start with what exactly an acoustical consultant is. Who are they? What do they do? And why are you telling me I need one?

An acoustical consultant specializes in acoustical engineering. They have certified expertise in sound, vibration and the application of acoustics. Their overall objective is to mitigate sound while considering other aspects such as design and analysis.

Controlling noise is not as simple as it may seem. You can’t just buy a few sound barriers, tack ‘em up and cross your fingers the sound will be mitigated. Aside from the potential legal trouble, improper noise control can have significant negative impacts on human health – and even lead to hearing loss. An acoustical consultant will have the proper knowledge to accurately analyze the situation and understand what precautions need to be taken to avoid any health risks.

On the opposing end of noise control, acoustical consultants can help engineer positive sound. In some situations, such as banquet halls, music studios or concert venues, it is important to have high-quality acoustics for the most enjoyable audio experience. An acoustical consultant will be able to accurately measure the sound from the source, understand the directions of the sound waves and determine what products would best suit certain areas of the site for the perfect audio setup.

There is much more to controlling sound than just purchasing the products and installing them. Acoustical consultants are scientists of sound and use various gadgets, formulas, tests, and data to determine the best course of action. Since there are so many variables and since every site is different no two setup’s can be treated the same.


When to Hire a Noise Consultant

Provide accurate sound survey

Now that you understand the complexities revolved around noise control, the first reason you should hire an acoustical consultant is that they can complete an accurate sound survey. There is a multitude of factors that impact the method one should take to reduce noise. An acoustical consultant will provide charts and maps of the site to determine what products will be best for each area. They will take accurate sound measurements that properly and efficiently reduce the noise.


Comply with local noise ordinances

Acoustical consultants will be able to conduct a property line noise analysis and teach you how the local noise ordinances apply to you and your property. They will take sound readings at the property line to determine if a noise source is in violation of the noise code.

If you neglect to comply with your local noise code you could face legal penalties. Acoustical consultants will ensure you are not emitting harmful noises that are a nuisance or put people at risk.


Offer expert testimony for legal disputes

In the case of a lawsuit, an acoustical consultant can offer their services as an expert witness. Should you find yourself being tried against for failing to comply with local noise ordinances but are certain you are actually in compliance, an acoustical consultant can serve as an expert witness at trial to assist your case.

Opposingly, if you feel your noise rights are being violated by someone else, you can hire an acoustical consultant as an expert witness to provide data and readings that prove the transgression.


Save you time and money

And lastly, an acoustical consultant will save you money! One of the worst things that could happen if you try to solve your sound issues yourself, you could buy the wrong products and they don’t work. Every site is unique and requires individual assessment, which is why it is so important to consult with a professional who can recommend what combination of products and methods will best suit your needs. Sometimes, you may not even need to buy products at all! The acoustical consultant could suggest you make simple adjustments to your equipment to reduce the noise. Saving you even more money.



Hopefully, you have been convinced of the necessity to hire an acoustical consultant for your noise control needs. It’s much safer, more cost-effective and more efficient to leave sound manipulation to the professionals.

Here at eNoise Control, we provide expert acoustical consultant services. We provide a full range of acoustical engineering services to accurately and effectively reduce your unwanted sound. Noise Control, OEM Evaluation, Noise Monitoring, Employee Noise Exposure, and Dosimeter Readings, are all included in our acoustical consultant services.

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