Outdoor Noise Barriers- Outdoor Sound Curtains

Outdoor Noise Barriers- Outdoor Sound Curtains – Case Study



eNoise Control received a frantic call from an upscale restaurant in a large metropolitan area. City officials had visited their establishment several times and issued them a citation for breaking the city’s noise ordinance. The problem began with purchase of a new cooling condenser in the restaurant’s recent expansion. The new condenser is located in the back alley that faces residential apartments and houses. The condenser is surrounded by brick /concrete block walls on three sides with the open side facing the neighbors that filed the complaint.

eNoise Control visited the facility and recorded sound level readings and physical measurements of the area. The client’s main concern was to reduce the noise levels fast before the city started levying heavy fines. Other concerns in solution design were airflow to the costly condenser unit, accessibility for maintenance of the unit, because of limited space, accessibility for restaurant deliveries, durability of the product to be installed, and of course low cost.


Outdoor Sound Curtain Wall

Outdoor Sound Curtain Wall

eNoise Control addressed each of the customers concerns with an outdoor sound curtain barrier wall. The outdoor sound curtains panels are 54” wide and cut to length per the application. They have mating exterior grade velcro on the vertical seams of each panel that are joined together to form each wall. Grommets are installed across the top and bottom of each panel used for suspension. The panels are constructed of a 1lb. per square foot reinforced vinyl sound barrier bonded to a nominally 1 inch thick acoustical absorber faced with a silicone impregnated weather proof cloth. The composite sound curtain material has superior UV and heat resistance.

We worked with the condenser manufacturer in the barrier design to insure adequate air flow to the equipment and decided on a three sided enclosure. On two sides, the outdoor sound curtains attached directly to the frame with supplied clips through the curtains included grommets. On the third side the curtain panels were hung on a double track, hook and trolley suspension system. The double track allows the sound curtain panels to slide behind one another for maintenance and accessibility.

eNoise Control expedited the manufacture of the curtains and the solution was installed in three weeks. The restaurant was pleased with the noise reduction and the neighbors and the city both concur.

Outdoor Sound Curtain Wall

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