Outdoor Sound Curtain Applications

Outdoor Sound Curtain Applications

Outdoor sound curtains/blankets offer our clients proven noise control outside to help mitigate noise from a neighboring property.  Common sources of outdoor noise include construction and noisy HVAC equipment.  Often a solution is required to comply with a local noise ordinance.

  • Cost Effective Blanket Panels
  • Modular Curtain Panels
  • Proven Noise Abatement Outside
  • Resists UV Rays, Rain, Snow, Wind

Noise being emitted from a property is “bothering” the neighboring property. This can be caused from a variety of sound sources including; construction sites, outdoor compressors, generators, pumps, outdoor restaurants, and many more.

Our outdoor model UNC-XT-1 sound curtains are engineered as a outside noise control barrier. The composite construction absorbs sound and blocks unwanted sound. This can be a temporary or permanent solution.

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