Outdoor Sound Blankets

Outdoor Sound Blankets

Outdoor sound blankets, or sound blanket barrier walls, are a highly economical and effective method of reducing noise generated from noisy equipment or processes that are exposed to the elements. These exterior sound panels are typically used to deafen the sound of large equipment, HVAC systems and construction projects. These are often used to comply with local noise ordinances.


This unique composite material combines a sound absorber with a noise barrier into a flexible and versatile panel. The panels are modular and can be installed on fences, frames, or other support structure. Applications are varied and include construction fencing, rooftop barriers, by-pass pumps, gas compressors and many others.



How Outdoor Sound Blankets Work

Constructed of outdoor rated sound absorber and reinforced vinyl sound barrier, these panels can withstand intense wind, freezing temperatures, high heat and prolonged UV exposure. Outdoor sound blankets are uniquely engineered to be installed on nearly any support structure, such as fences or frames. These blankets are extremely versatile and a great temporary or permanent solution.



The panels can be easily mounted to a new or existing fence structure to create an instant acoustic barrier wall around outdoor chillers, rooftop air handling units, vacuum pump sound reduction, pumps, fans, or as a temporary and reusable construction noise barrier.

An existing fence makes installation easy; but if one is not conveniently located in the area you wish to soundproof, consider building a temporary framework. In some situations, it is preferred to build your own structure that can support the panels, because then you can choose the exact location of the blankets for maximum sound proofing.

Once the structure is created or identified, securing the outdoor sound blankets is as simple as zip-tying the grommets to the fence or installing hooks to hang them.


How to Buy

Here at eNoise Control, we provide a wide selection of high-quality outdoor sound blankets to suit a variety of soundproofing needs. eNoise Control’s removable velcro-sealed sound blankets help address sound directly at the source. Our reusable, high temperature, sound control blankets are an ideal fit for compressor noise and fan housing noise applications.

Let us assist you in designing a noise control system that will fully fit your needs. Please give us a call at 888-417-1903 or send us an email to info@enoisecontrol.com.


Outdoor Sound Blankets.  On The Job.

Before: Blower Noise Problem

Before: Blower Noise Problem     

After: Noise Problem Solved

After: Noise Problem Solved

Before: Noisy Outdoor Pump     

After: Noise Problems alleviated


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