Acoustic Composite Foam

Acoustical composite foam is high performance acoustical foam specially engineered to withstand dirty industrial environments.

Acoustic Composite FoamAcoustic Composite Foams were designed as durable, high-performance alternatives to unprotected foam noise barriers. The open-celled, absorptive, polyester foam is coated with a protective, aluminized mylar or urethane facing that provides abrasion resistance, can easily be wiped clean, and may be taped at the seams for a finished appearance.

Uses of Acoustic Composite Foam

The acoustic foam is typically sold in roll or sheet form to help absorb noise from a machine or sound source. The product can be ordered with a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) used to adhere to an existing machine cabinet. This acoustical liner for machine cabinets gives the cabinet much needed acoustical absorption thus reducing the overall noise energy. eNoise Control can offer valuable advice and specific product information on composite foam that will help you meet your industrial sound reduction needs. Check out our acoustical consultant services today!

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