Electric Power Plant Noise Control

Electric Power Plant Noise Control



Electric Power Plant Noise ControleNoise Control can offer assistance with your power plant noise control needs.  We offer on-site acoustic engineering, acoustic consulting, and sound measurement evaluation work.  After the noise sources have been identified, eNoise Control can be your vendor for acoustic products.

Common noise sources:

  • Turbine
  • Generators
  • Fan Intake & Exhaust (PA, ID, FD fans)
  • Motors
  • Steam Exhaust
  • Centrifugal blowers
  • Compressors
  • Piping and ducts

Each of the above pieces of equipment has the potential of generating high noise levels. Below is a list of noise problem solutions to address these issues.

Duct Silencers – Offer a high level of sound reduction in airflow applications. Used in stacks, larger ID fans, building ventilation and many others. Can be applied as a retrofit or the design stage.

Mufflers – Similar concept as duct silencers, but applied to motors or compressed air piping to reduce equipment exhaust noise. Typically applied to blowers, compressors, generators.

Acoustical Louvers – Provides sound reduction without restricting airflow in buildings and enclosures. Used in place of standard louvers for a high level of noise reduction.

Duct and Pipe Lagging – Effective means of reducing breakout noise generated from pipe and ductwork. Piping or ductwork is wrapped with the barrier absorber composite.

Sound Enclosures – The highest reductions in source noise control. Encloses noisy equipment while providing airflow and access for maintenance. Eclose blowers, pumps, fans or any equipment generating high noise levels.

Absorptive Panels – Reduces noise levels in buildings and enclosed spaces. Typically applied to interior or exterior walls to reduce sound reflected from noisy equipment.

Sound Barrier Walls– Open top enclosures used to effectively block noise by surrounding noisy equipment while not restricting airflow.