Gym, Church, Multi-Purpose Room Noise Control

Gym, Church, Multi-Purpose Room Noise Control



Noise generated in very large spaces is a common sound control problem we endure. At church, daycare, kids’ basketball games, untreated large rooms exhibit unwanted echo, bad acoustics for music and unintelligible speech. These soundproof issues make the room difficult to occupy.

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Reverberated Noise is a result of having many hard surfaces for the generated sound to reflect off of and cause an echo. Wood, concrete, tile floors, Concrete block, and drywall walls, Metal deck and drywall ceilings are the most common building materials used when constructing Gyms and Multi Purpose rooms. All of these materials are good at reflecting sound. Absent from the Gyms and Multi Purpose rooms are soft sound absorbing materials such as Acoustic Ceiling Baffles, Acoustic Banners, and Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panels. Typically adding carpet and cushions to the floors, walls, and seating can help, but in most cases does not completely solve the noise problem.

Gym with Acoustic Baffles

Gymnasium with Acoustic Baffles

There are published reports on the optimum reverberation time for a Gym or Multi-Purpose room and they vary depending on the room’s primary use. Typically we see the highest returns for the money spent if we target between 1.8 – 2.0 seconds reverberation time for these large spaces.ReverbReport1

eNoise Control’s standard process of noise reduction for Gyms and Multi Purpose rooms is to collect the room’s length, width and height along with the materials that cover the walls ceiling and floors. With this information we can calculate your room’s current reverberation time and use this to determine the amount of acoustical absorption need to be added to the room to bring the reverb time down to acceptable levels. With this data we can propose different products in different quantities at differing price points until we arrive at a solution that meets your budget and acoustical needs.


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eNoise Control can help you understand sound absorbing materials and determine the best solution for your space.