Sound Enclosure for Shredders and Grinders

Sound Enclosure for Shredders and Grinders



Shredder and Grinder machines are common industrial equipment used in many industries, such as recycling, scrap, plastics, metal, and waste systems. These machines are very noisy and cause noise exposure inside a plant and potential noise to neighboring properties if located outdoors.

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Our clients use their solid waste recycling and scrap shredding machinery for a wide variety of uses. We have worked with clients in the scrap metal industry using large shredders to grind up and recycle full-size motor vehicles. Our sound walls and full sound enclosures are excellent products to lower property line outdoor noise.

eNoise Control offers products to enclose and suppress noise for shredding systems, waste reducers, and transfer station compactors. eNoise Control can help you determine an effective solution to control noise from Plastic Grinders.