Hospital Noise Control

Hospital Noise Control



Hospital administrators and staff have an ongoing concern with controlling unwanted noise in their facilities. Patient comfort, employee satisfaction and environmental concerns are always at the forefront in the continuous design and maintenance of a wide array of systems that keep a medical facility running efficiently. Below are some examples of the potential noise issues. eNoise Control products and our years of experience can provide cost effective solutions to your noise related issues.

Emergency Power Generation
Solutions: Sound Enclosure, Acoustical Louvers, Acoustical Silencers, Acoustical Absorption, Hospital Grade Baffles

Outdoor Mechanical Equipment – Chillers, Condensing Units, Air Handlers, Fans, Compressors
Solutions: Sound Barrier Walls, Sound Enclosures, Outdoor Sound Curtains, Acoustical Silencers, Acoustical Blankets, Duct Lagging

Building Services – Delivery Trucks, Construction, and Maintenance
Solutions: Sound Barrier Walls, Sound Curtains, Outdoor Sound Curtain Construction Barriers

Indoor Acoustical Finishes / Sound Absorption – Sound reflection off of walls, floors, Echo
Solutions: Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels, Acoustical Banners, Acoustical Foam, Sound Curtains

Airborne Radiated Noise from HVAC Equipment
Solutions: Acoustical Duct Silencers, Sound Curtains, Pipe and Duct Lagging