Church / School Multi-Purpose Room Noise

Church / School Multi-Purpose Room Noise – Case Study



Church Gym/Multi-Purpose Space

Church Gym/Multi-Purpose Space

eNoise Control was contacted by a Church Administrator in regards to noise issues they are having in their Multi-Purpose room. The administrator explained that they use this large room for basketball, athletic activities, musical performances, church breakfasts and occasionally church services. The noise issues they are experiencing in the space are distorted music, garbled speech, and high overall sound levels during athletic events or when many people are gathered in the room. The church’s gym needed to reduce the sound levels with an aesthetically pleasing acoustic product.


eNoise Control gathered the pertinent multi-purpose rooms dimensional and construction information and performed reverberation calculations. The reverberation calculations provided data on the room’s current acoustical condition and acts as a base line for the addition of sound absorptive materials. eNoise Control performed a calculation for determining the amount of acoustical material to be added to the space and bring the sound reverberation down to acceptable levels for the room’s primary use.

Several material styles and facings were offered based on the churches criteria – Sound Baffles, Acoustical Banners, and Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels. eNoise Control’s calculations assisted in determining the quantity, size and layout of each acoustical material being considered by the church. Learn more about all of the acoustic materials available for multi-purpose room noise control.



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