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Acoustic panels in Animal Hospital

Acoustic Panels in Animal Hospital

eNoise Control has experience helping indoor kennels, shelters, animal hospitals, and other animal care facilities handle indoor noise problems.  Often, the interior spaces of these buildings are constructed of hard surfaces that are easily cleaned.  While this is ideal for facilities handling animals, it is also ideal for amplifying noise, creating a loud echo.

Kennels and shelters often have many dogs barking and other animal noises.  Because it is not usually possible to reduce the noise from its source, the best solution for these types of buildings is to add sound absorption material on the walls or ceiling.  The most common products for this application are acoustic baffles and acoustic wall panels.  The solution you choose will depend on the size of your space and availability of walls or ceilings for installation.

Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Panels Animal Hospital Kennel 3

Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Panels

eNoise Control acoustic baffles are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  These are typically suspended from the ceiling with grommets.  They are faced with PVC and heat-sealed.  Suspending baffles from the ceiling allows them to interrupt the path of the noise and reduce sound reverberation.

Sound panels in kennel

Sound Panels in Kennel

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels are another great option for this type of application.  These are attached to the wall and  help absorb sound.  They are available in many colors and can be created in custom shapes or standard squares and rectangles.

Outdoor Kennels

Kennels and animal shelters with outdoor space may be concerned with outdoor noise.  In these environments, barking dogs may disturb other members of the community.  We offer sound barrier walls and outdoor sound blankets for these situations.  Sound barrier walls are modular panel systems designed for outdoor applications.  They can be treated with a coating system to make them an aesthetically pleasing part of the surroundings.  Outdoor sound blankets are quilted panels blanket that effectively and economically reduces outdoor noise.  They are modular and often hung on a chainlink fence or other boundary structure.  The facing is an exterior grade material designed to withstand outdoor elements such as high heat and prolonged UV exposure.

Outdoor frame with one curtain panel 2

Outdoor Frame with Curtain Panel


Outdoor Sound Curtain








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