Hydraulic Pump Soundproofing Applications

Hydraulic Pump Soundproofing Applications



Hydraulic pump noise is inherent in this industrial machine. eNoise Control can offer sound proofing and sound deadening options for your hydraulic unit.

The main sources of noise are the power unit (fluid pressure fluctuations), electric motor noise, and pump noise. We typically suggest sound containment using our modular sound blanket (curtain) system. The quilted blankets offer high sound control and easy access for maintenance of your hydraulic pump.

enclosure_drawing     PD blower Alumaframe2

Above are two typical hydraulic pump soundproofing enclosure drawings. eNoise Control can custom engineer a sound enclosure to meet your specific needs. Our solutions are cost effective and meet or exceed your noise reduction goals.

Sound curtains accessable double track    Sound curtains with access around hydraulic pump