Industrial Soundproofing Equipment

Businesses use fabric wrapped acoustic panels incorporated into their office design to provide sound absorption effectively.

Businesses use fabric wrapped acoustic panels in their office design for sound absorption.

Those who give presentations, whether for a business, church, or school function, can be hampered sonically by rooms that have poor acoustics. That’s where the quality equipment provided by eNoise Control come in. We offer a wide variety of materials that can eliminate problems like audience members being unable to properly hear your speech. Our premier services are your first step towards eliminating the bad sound quality you are experiencing.

One of the most important aspects of any acoustically-sound room is the spatial relationship of the different objects in the room. Our consultants are well trained to give advice on room design to help prevent dead spots, echo, and other problems that can arise as a result of poor acoustics in a room. Every room is different; our consultants will recommend specific products you can use to make the room in question sound as good as possible.

The acoustical tests we provide are expansive and accurate, reliable for any industrial or commercial environment. Our consultants will perform a series of tests, such as sound mapping, to ascertain the best noise reduction methods in your specific room. Our tests give customers the ability to visually experience sound levels present throughout a room and how they affect people. Sound mapping gives the consultant an exact representation of the acoustical anomalies that exist in a room so they can be addressed and removed with correct soundproofing products.

Outdoor industrial equipment can be quieted and visual aesthetics improved with proper soundproofing treatment.

Outdoor industrial equipment can be quieted and visual aesthetics improved with proper soundproofing treatment.


One of the most popular products we offer is a soundproof wall, which can be placed in any room to help isolate and remove any echo that occurs. They are especially useful in warehouses where workers are susceptible to auditory damage because of high levels of sound exposure in industrial environments. Soundproof walls can be produced in almost any size and shape and can be combined with other products to help reduce noise detected during the sound mapping process.


An industrial blower located in a manufacturing facility enclosued in soundproofing material.

An industrial blower located in a manufacturing facility enclosed in soundproofing material.

Another effective noise reduction product is a soundproofing curtain. More versatile than a wall, curtains reduce noise without compromising a room’s airflow or aesthetics. Large rooms like gyms, warehouses, and churches, are highly susceptible to echo and noise pollution, which can lead to long-term negative effects for those in the room for extended periods of time.

All of eNoise Control’s products are Class-A fire rated. If you have one or more rooms that are plagued by poor acoustics, contact one of our consultants today to have a sound survey conducted. Proper soundproofing is the first step towards safe and healthy sound at home, your gym, church, warehouse, or office.


Soundproofing technology is very effective and useful in a variety of situations. If you are in need of soundproofing equipment, check out our selection of sound blankets, outdoor sound blankets, sound curtains, STC rated doors and sound barrier walls. If you need assistance in finding out what products would best suit your soundproofing needs, check out our expert acoustical consultant services!