Sound Attenuators for Airflow Noise

Sound Attenuators for Airflow Noise

Sound Attenuators for Airflow Noise OutsideSound attenuators are the most effective and highest sound reducing standard noise control equipment now in production. Silencers, mufflers, or attenuators are used to quiet air noise for HVAC, ventilation, and industrial processes.

Typical applications for duct silencers include air handling unit applications where the noise from the internal fans travels down the ductwork to occupied areas. Intake and exhaust for centrifugal fans are noisy if they are unducted or in an open loop. Sound attenuators work great for this application.

Condensing units and chillers have banks of fans that draw air over the coils. Silencers can be installed atop of these fans to quiet excess noise.

Silencers for Airflow Noise

Buildings with noisy equipment inside and a need for ventilation for cooling are good candidates for intake and exhaust silencers. Genset rooms or enclosures commonly use this type of sound attenuation to quietly bring in large volumes of air for motor cooling.

Standard silencer construction consists of an outer skin of 22 gauge galvanized G90 steel. Inner baffles are manufactured of perforated 22 gauge galvanized G90 steel. Silencers also include an acoustic grade fiberglass fill. All eNoise Control silencers are designed to withstand +/- 6-inch water gauge.

Rooftop SilencersAcoustic silencers are simple to install and support. A tube steel or slotted metal frame provides sufficient support for silencers.

Call eNoise Control to discuss your airflow noise application. Our experienced staff will help you design a custom silencer solution.