New York City Noise Code

New York City Noise Code

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In 2005, New York City passed new legislation to help manage the level of noise pollution in the city.  Major metropolitan areas often experience large amounts of noise complaints due to construction and industrial equipment.  The new rules, which took effect in 2007, detail the types of noise that area restricted and offers solutions to control the amount of noise.  The new noise code has been written to protect residential home owners and tenants from noise exposure related to construction noise, compressor noise, drilling noise, pump equipment sounds and general mechanical HVAC noise.

eNoise Control is familiar with the New York Sound Code and can help you determine the best sound mitigation techniques for your construction site or HVAC mechanical yard.  We offer sound barriers, sound walls, portable sound screens, and acoustic consulting services to assist with your project.  Our products help customers comply with the New York City Noise Code.  Our noise barriers are designed for a Sound Transmission Class Rating (STC) of 30 or greater.  Our sound curtains, also called noise curtains, are comparable to the Sound Seal BBC-13-2 noise curtains recommended as a portable noise shield in the New York City Noise Code.

We understand the challenges you face in completing your projects on time and within budget as well as the community’s need for noise control.  Call us today at 888.417.1903 for a quote on our portable noise barriers or any of our other noise control products.

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New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection established new standards and procedures to reduce noise levels from construction sites.  These new rules became effective in July 2007.  The new noise regulations establish a unique noise mitigation plan for each construction site, offering alternatives for contractors to continue their important construction tasks while having less noise impact on the surrounding environment.

The New York City noise regulations involve the use of a perimeter noise barrier along the construction fence at construction sites for noise mitigation.  The approved method is to use outdoor sound curtains on the construction fence, or portable steel frames.  The noise curtains should achieve a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 30 or greater.  The noise mitigation regulations also require noise curtain enclosures for specific pieces of outdoor construction equipment.

eNoise Control has been working with the construction industry to provide the noise mitigation solutions and noise curtain barriers required by the New York City noise regulations for many years.