Compressor Sound Blankets

Air Compressor Sound Blankets

Noisy compressors are a common complaint for outdoor chiller equipment. The air compressor sound blankets that we manufacture and supply will bring the noise from your equipment to an acceptable level.

Our AC compressor sound blankets are custom made to fit your specific model. We have experience providing solutions for many common manufacturers including Copeland, Trane, Carrier, York, McQuay, and Aon Compressors and Chillers.

A design site visit will ensure that your new compressor sound blankets will have a custom fit. Our compressor sound blankets are offered in multiple levels to fit your budget. You can wrap just the compressor or purchase an enhanced noise control package to include the piping and other equipment. The sound blankets will wrap around your equipment to dampen the sound and effectively reduce the noise from your unit.


Compressor Sound Blanket


Compressor Sound Blanket



What are Compressor Sound Blankets?

All compressors and HVAC units are designed and manufactured to reduce as much noise as possible. Unfortunately, they still emit noise, usually a loud steady hum. Compressor sound blankets are cleverly designed to drastically reduce the noise still being emitted. These noise suppression blankets wrap the compressors with acoustic jacketing to contain the noise.  The acoustic blankets can also be manufactured to cover the piping and oil separator for added sound reduction


How Air Compressor Sound Blankets Work

Compressor sound blankets are constructed with multiple layers. The acoustically transparent fabric allows sound waves to pass through the outer layer of the fabric and into the denser absorbing inner layers. The absorbing inner fabric is key to the effectiveness of compressor sound blankets. This allows the sound to be absorbed and deafened instead of reflected back into the atmosphere, simply redirecting the noise.


Features of Compressor Sound Blankets

eNoise Control custom compressor sound blankets have many features and benefits. The blankets are easy to install in the field and provide easy access to equipment for service and routine maintenance. If needed, we offer an additional service to help with the installation of the blankets. The durable material is designed to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures and inclement weather, providing you with many years of effective noise control.

Call eNoise Control and talk to a specialist about compressor sound blankets for your chiller sound control application.  We will help you determine if compressor sound blankets are the correct solution for your project to ensure you meet your acoustic goals. Once it is determined that sound blankets are a good choice for your application, we will help you schedule a design site visit to measure your equipment for your custom compressor sound blankets.

Compressor Sound Blanket

Compressor Sound Blanket

Compressor Sound Blanket

Compressor Sound Blanket