Trane Chiller Compressor Sound Blankets

Trane Chiller Compressor Sound Blankets

Chiller units are known to elicit noise complaints from neighbors. However, there are ways to install them to keep sound levels at a minimum. The major complaints are with the tonal sound coming from the compressors, compressor piping, and oil separator located at the bottom of an air cooled unit.

Trane Models RTAA and RTAC are common chillers for schools, churches, and commercial buildings. A common solution to chiller compressor noise problems is the installation of compressor sound blankets. The sound blankets are engineered and designed for noise control and are custom fit to match the surface geometry of the compressor and accessories.

Clients usually select one of two options for sound blankets:

  1. Compressors only
  2. Compressors, piping, and oil separator

The option chosen will depend on your budget and noise reduction needs. eNoise Control sound blankets are 1.5″ thick witha  2.5 pound per square foot finished surface mass. Stainless steel wires and 2.5″ Velcro vinyl flaps keep the pieces fastened together. The blankets are double sewn construction. Sound blankets are easy to install and removable.

Call eNoise Control to discuss your Trane R Series noise control project today. Our experienced consultants will help you select the best noise control solution for your noisy chillers. If you are interested in a steel sound enclosure for your Trane chillers, read our Rooftop Chiller Case Study.

Trane chiller before sound blankets

BEFORE: Trane chiller without sound blankets

Trane Chillers with Sound Blankets

AFTER: Trane Chillers with Sound Blankets