Acoustical Banners for Gym Sound Absorption

Acoustical Banners for Sound Absorption

A large municipality contacted eNoise Control about a problem with a weight room. The gym had painted concrete walls, floor, and ceiling. The room was very loud and facilities users were frustrated with echo. Sound bounced around the room and reflected off of the walls making it difficult to hold conversations.

eNoise Control’s recommended solution was to add acoustical absorption to the space. The material absorbed the reflected sound and kept it from reflecting back. By performing a calculation, eNoise Control determined the correct amount of sound absorption to bring the reverberation time down to acceptable levels.

The client chose acoustical banners as the architectural look they wanted for the gym. The banners provided an effective acoustical solution while also enhancing the look of the facility.

Acoustical banners are available in a variety of colors to match the aesthetic look of the organization. They easily install on the ceiling to cover a highly reflective and noisy ceiling. They are common in large spaces such as gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, natatoriums, and ice skating rinks.

Other absorptive sound materials often used for similar applications include acoustical baffles and fabric wrapped wall panels.

Call eNoise Control to discuss your sound absorption application. We offer a variety of products to meet your acoustic needs and your budget.