Acoustical Baffles Can Solve Your Echo Problem

The Lowest Cost Per Square Foot Solution To Your Echo Problem

Acoustical Baffle Material ColorsAcoustical Baffles are rectangular panels 48” wide x 24” high and 1-1/2” thick.  The baffles are 1.5 pound per cubic feet density fiberglass core and faced with a heat-sealed PVC facing and two grommets on one 48” side for hanging.   The acoustical baffles come in (9) facing colors.

Acoustical baffles are sound absorbers – soft, porous, open-celled materials that reduce the reflection of sound waves off of hard surfaces.  Their sound absorption efficiency is rated by a “NRC”number, or Noise Reduction Coefficient. The higher the NRC rating, the more efficient the product is at absorbing noise.

The above referenced baffles have an NRC rating of 1.0 – Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is a sound absorption rating. It measures a percentage of how much sound will not be reflected back from where it came. Based on a range from .05 to 1.0, where a NRC of 1.0 means that all the sound energy that hits that product passes thru it and does not “bounce” back to its source. A NRC of .60 would reflect 40% of the sound back to the source, and let 60% of the noise pass through it.

Easy Acoustic Baffle Installation

Acoustical baffles are easy to install in most applications.  Simply tie wire or nylon zip ties through the grommets around an open bar joist.

Acoustical Baffle Diagrams

If you have or can rent a lift, you can install the acoustical baffles.   Additionally, there are many other
acceptable installation methods for these acoustical panels.

The baffles are highly effective at reducing reverberated noise or reflective noise that causes echo, garbled speech, poor room acoustics and PA system problems.  Because they are hanging, sound waves can hit them in all directions as apposed to a wall mounted panel.

Reasons to consider acoustic baffles for your gym, multi-purpose room, cafeteria or meeting hall are:

  • Lowest cost per square foot of any finished sound absorption product.
  • Very effective at absorbing unwanted reflected noise
  • Very easy to install

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