Gym & Multi-Purpose Room Noise

Gym & Multi-Purpose Room Noise

Poor acoustics in a gymnasium or a multi-purpose room is a problem for many of our clients.  Common complaints in these types of spaces include

  • Echo
  • Inability to hear and understand the speaker
  • Expensive sound system sounds horrible
  • Complaints from attendees

These are common issues that administrators share with us about the current condition of their school, church, or municipal gym or multi-purpose room.  We have solved these problems for our clients many times.

The best solution is to add acoustical absorption to the gym or multi-purpose room in the correct amount to reduce the reverberation time down to an acceptable level.  This reduces echo, makes speech understandable, improves acoustics so the sound system functions properly, and lowers overall room noise to make it a more pleasant environment for users.

Acoustical absorption is fabricated in many forms and price points.  Product selection is typically selected based on budget and the architectural look the client is trying to achieve.  The lowest cost solution is the 2 ft x 4 ft acoustical baffle.  The highest overall cost and best looking solution is the Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panel.  All other sound absorption products fall somewhere in between these two.

soundproofing acoustic wrap panels

Fabric Wrapped Panels

rink baffles

Ceiling Suspended Acoustic Baffles








When working with a client on a solution, we ask them to provide some information about the space.

  • The room size – length x width x height
  • The construction of the room surfaces, such as painted concrete block walls, wood floor, and metal deck ceiling
  • Where are the light fixtures located in relation to the ceiling?
  • Does the room have sprinklers for fire protection?
  • Are there exposed structural elements on the ceiling?  Open bar joists?
  • If so, what is the distance between the joists and the joist depth?

Given this information, we can calculate the optimum amount of acoustical absorption to add to the client’s room to solve the reverberation problems.  Next we provide a proposal for absorption that best fits the client’s needs with regards to budget, architectural appearance, and installation.  The most common product, as well as the lowest cost solution for these applications, is the 2 ft x 4ft Ceiling Suspended Acoustical Ceiling Baffle.

eNoise Control’s Acoustical Ceiling Baffles are designed to solve reverberation or noise problems in any large space such as arenas, gymnasiums, natatoriums, theaters, restaurants, offices, corridors, kennels, and industrial buildings.

foam-baffles-zBaffles are easily suspended from ceilings, bar joists, horizontally stretched cable, or pre-engineered suspension systems.  Baffles can be arranged to create different architectural looks, depending on the desired end use of the space, and integrate exceptionally well with existing lighting and HVAC systems.  These very effective acoustical products are Class A fire-rated, lightweight, cost-efficient, and easy to install, making them the lowest cost solution for solving any gym or multi-purpose room noise problem.  Acoustical baffles faced with PVC and heat sealed have been proven effective in hundreds of gymnasium installations to withstand the abuse of ball strikes without damage.  Free hanging vertical suspension from ceilings allows the baffles to interrupt the path of the noise and reduce sound reverberation.  Baffles are available in many colors and can be manufactured to a custom size up to 4 ft x 8 ft.  Several different thicknesses and NRC ratings are available.