Acoustic Banners

Acoustic Banners are large, visually and architecturally pleasing sound absorbers. They can be hung in a loose flowing fashion or installed flush to the roof deck for a flat appearance. They allow free flow of air and integrate exceptionally well with existing sprinklers, lighting, and HVAC systems. Acoustic banners are completely encapsulated in moisture-resistant PVC which protects the environment from any airborne fibers.

Acoustic Banners

Acoustic_Banner_pic250wInstallation of these materials reduce reverberation time in harsh acoustical environments from a disconcerting 4 to 9 seconds to a pleasant 1/2 to 2 seconds. Sound intensity levels are reduced simultaneously, which helps to create a more peaceful environment. This results in increased speech intelligibility, better communication and improved quality of sound systems. Arenas and Athletic Facilities now become multi-functional due to a sound environment that is conducive to not just sporting events but also musical concerts, vocalists, and public speaking events.

Banners offer color options to blend-in or compliment a room’s decor visually while significantly improving sound quality. Call us for acoustic banners that will improve your room’s sound quality while displaying your school, church or organization colors with pride.

Using colors that compliment your environment visually is an additional benefit to using acoustic banners.

Model AB-150 Acoustic Banners Data Sheet
Model AB-150 Acoustic Banner Specification
Acoustic Banner Installation Instructions