STC 50 Sound Rated Acoustical Doors

eNoise Control’s STC 50 Sound Rated Doors are factory assembled, pre-hung, acoustical rated doors.  They include the installation magnetic seals and all hardware and glazing if required. The door leaves the factory ready to install, including the installation magnetic seals, all hardware and glazing if required. The split-frame system allows for an easy installation for a wide array of site requirements.

  • A completely factory assembled door system
  • Single source responsibility for seal, hardware and glazing installation
  • Easy and fast on-site installation.
  • Proven laboratory and field performance
  • Flexibility in size and configurations, including choice on veneers

Heavy Duty STC Rated Door

Technical Support & Installation Instructions

Technical support personnel and representatives with the experience necessary to assist you in the design, supply and installation of the STC 50 Door.

Submittal packages include the drawings, test data and easy to follow step-by-step installation instructions to allow your personnel to install the door systems. We also offer professional installation service throughout North America.

These doors require a steel C channel frame embedded into the existing concrete host build walls.  The frame will nest into the channel frame and be bolted or welded in place. The C channel design will be included in submittal drawings. The structural C channel is be supplied and installed by others.

STC 50 Doors are – 2½” Thick and Weight – 10.1 lbs. per sq. ft.


Door Elevation [Drawing Details]

Drawing of door elevation for STC heavy duty doors

Door Header & Sill [Drawing Details]

Drawing of header & sill for STC heavy duty doors

Door Jamb [Drawing Details]

Drawing of door jamb for STC heavy duty doors

Heavy Duty Sound Rated Door Assemblies

STC 50 large double doors are used in applications where you need noise control in a building and need access to move large objects in and out of the facility.  Industrial, Military and Stage doors typically require this type of door.  Many times, roll up or garage type doors are utilized for these applications.  These types of doors are very poor at keeping noise out and inherently hard to acoustically seal.  This is where large sound rated flush mounted swing doors are a perfect fit for the application.

Large sound-rated STC 50 exterior doors are designed to provide enhanced security and sound isolation for military, government, and high-security facilities. These doors are typically made to meet specific security and acoustic requirements and can differ in their construction and features based on the project application.

Exterior of STC-50 rated industrial door

STC 50 HD Large Doors Features

Door Construction: Doors constructed with heavy-duty materials like heavy gauge steel. This provides superior sound blocking properties and will withstand the demands of harsh environments. Doors are engineered with the proper size and number of hinges and/or other type of support in order to avoid sagging.

Acoustic Door Seals: Side and head of door and frame are provided with two (2) sets of factory installed self-aligning magnetic-compression seals to hold door in closed position by the magnetic force of perimeter seals. Corners are mitered and sealed.

Door Bottom: Bottom of door will be provided with a factory installed continuous, adjustable, Teflon coated, neoprene compression seal mortised into the door bottom and designed to compress against floor as door is closed. Adjustable neoprene coated compression bottom seal, factory installed. Bottom seal can be serviced without the need of removing the door leaves.

Heavy Duty Hardware: Heavy-duty hinges, handles, and closing mechanisms designed for durability and security. These components will be capable of withstanding the demands of your application while maintaining the door’s acoustic properties. Factory will provide a minimum two (2) factory installed cam-lift type hinges for each door with a finish of US26D. Hinges are factory installed (bolted) to the door leaves and field bolted or welded to the structural frame by the installer.

Certification and Testing: The Sound Rated Door’s design will tested and certified by independent acoustic testing laboratories to meet the desired STC rating. This ensures that the doors have undergone acoustical testing to validate their Sound Transmission Class rating.

Vision Lights: Factory installed double-glazed windows in dimensions per the door schedule. All glazing is installed by skilled workmen at the manufacturer’s facility.

Bullet Resistance: The HD doors can be designed to offer ballistic protection, depending on the security requirements of the facility.

Blast & Fire Resistance: Doors used in military environments may also be constructed to resist blast forces. They are designed to withstand the impact from explosions. Depending on the facility’s requirements, the HD Sound Rated Doors can be fire-rated to provide fire protection.

Access Control: Access control systems, such as biometric scanners, key card readers, and electronic locking mechanisms, can be integrated into these doors to enhance security.

Customization: These doors can be customized to fit the specific needs of the facility, including size, design, and security features.

STC Rated Double Door

Sound Rated Horizontal Sliding Doors

Single Sliding or Bi-Parting doors offer steel constructed acoustical sliding door assembly with drop and lock bottom seal with a minimum thickness of 5”. Door assembly incorporate a design that will allow the installation and if required, the re-adjustment of the seal system by means of a 6 way adjustable design. Acoustic head and jamb seal systems are independent of the rough opening construction.

Minimum thickness of the door skins are 12 GA for the interior and 14 GA for the exterior.

Sliding doors include Linear Guide Rails and Guide Block System, Urethane Power Transmission Belt and gear drive system and will come equipped with an acoustical shroud over the guide belt system. Thell motorized doors are furnished with a minimum of (2) motion sensors (one exterior and one exterior). The doors are furnished with two (2), (one interior and one exterior) three button operation interfaces.

Sound Rated roll up door options can be designed and fabricated to fit in almost all new and existing rough openings. Can be used in conjunction with existing roll up doors for an extra layer of security or room within a room applications.

STC Horizontal Sliding Door









Additional STC 50 Door Benefits

  • Guaranteed acoustic performance
  • All doors are tested at an independent NVLAP approved testing facility
  • All hardware, seals, and hinges are factory-installed
  • Door includes custom cam-lift hinge design, eliminating the need for a threshold in most applications
  • Adjustable mortised bottom seal allows the door to adapt to site floor conditions
  • Double magnetic seals at head and jambs
  • Split frame assembly allows installation into existing openings
  • Designed to work with standard building hardware, factory installed if desired
  • Ease of operation conforms to ADA
  • Available in single-leaf, double- leaf and bi-fold designs
  • Wood veneer finish available
  • All door and frame components are tested as a complete assembly prior to shipment
  • The doors will have flush mounted top and bottom slide bolts to lock them in place
  • The door and frame assembly are prime painted or powder coated
  • The doors can be designed to meet a one (1) psi pressure rating


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