Cam Lift Hinges For Sound Rated Doors

eNoise Control uses cam lift hinges in the design our sound rated acoustic doors.  These hinges are integral in the high sound sealing of our STC rated doors.  The cam lift hinges are bearings that create a “lift and set” seal when the door is opened and closed.  This mechanical mechanism creates a positive acoustic seal when the sound door in in the closed position not allowing noise to flank, penetrate, or go around the door leaf.

Our acoustic engineering team designs the cam lift hinges to the application, weight and specifications of the sound control door application.  Typically eNoise Control designs for (2) cam lift hinges on standard 3070 swing doors.  The hinges work in conjunction with our compression seals and magnetic seals to create a fully sealed noise control door with minimum STC-50 rated performance.  We will used (3) cam lift hinges on larger doors or heavier doors which may require more support.

eNoise Control specialty hinges are pre-welded to our split frame pre-hung acoustic door construction.  The contractor does not have to worry about putting together a hardware “kit” in the field to assemble and install our acoustic door.  The contractor simply installs the “male” side of the split frame door with pre-hung door leaf and then mounts the “female” mating side to complete the field installation.

Cam lift hinge for sound-rated doorsCam Lift Hinges are specially designed hinges used mainly on acoustical door assemblies. The Cam Lift Hinge lifts the door during its travel and seats the door bottom for a positive seal in the closed position.  These hinges help provide an “air tight” seal for our acoustical doors thus offering superior acoustic results for our customers.

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