Soundproofing a Room

In any given room, there are many different elements to consider in making the area as aesthetically pleasing as possible. One aspect that is often overlooked during the design process is the room’s acoustics. Noise pollution can often go undetected for long periods of time but can have a large negative effect on those who are exposed to it. As a result, many people look into soundproofing a room to improve the health and well-being of those who spend time there. At eNoise Control, we offer a wide inventory of products and services for your home, church, place of business, or school to reduce noise pollution and become a safer place for visitors, employees, or students.

At eNoise Control we understand the negative effects of noise pollution. This is why we are so committed to utilizing all the tools that we have at our disposal to help rid our clients of noise pollution and unwanted sound. Soundproofing a room is something that most people generally associate with recording studios and other musical facilities, but, more and more people are using various soundproofing techniques in industrial facilities, schools and churches as well.

Fabric Wrapped Panels for Sound and Noise Control

The first step for soundproofing a room is determining the problem areas. eNoise Control consultants will conduct a sound survey to gain a visual representation of the sound flow in the room(s) you want to soundproof. Our consultants utilize octave band research and decibel measurements to determine what the problem areas and frequencies are in any structure. Once the sound survey is complete, we will recommend the best products to help eliminate sound issues. eNoise Control has many tools at our disposal, but use the following three most often:


Soundproof curtains – These curtains can be placed anywhere in a room to help reduce the flow of unwanted sound. They are an ideal option for those who want to reduce the flow of noise without obstructing access to a given area. Soundproof curtains are good for temporary placement and can be moved with ease at any time.

Acoustic Banners

Soundproof walls – Providing better soundproofing capabilities than curtains, soundproof walls can be placed anywhere in a home. They can also be paired with other soundproofing technology to reduce unwanted sound flow.

Acoustic Foam

Soundproof barriers – Similar to soundproof walls, barriers are more effective than soundproof curtains when it comes to curtailing noise. They can be placed anywhere within a room to eliminate or reduce noise pollution.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier

There are also a series of other products that we can provide that will help our clients with soundproofing a room. All of our products carry the highest rating available for fire safety. Our customers can be sure that their newly-soundproofed rooms will be acoustically sound and safe for all who inhabit them.

Duct Lagging

If you are interested in soundproofing one or more rooms in your home, gym, warehouse, or auditorium, please contact an eNoise Control representative today. Our experts will provide you with sound advice about the best products for reducing or eliminating noise pollution. Noise pollution can have disastrous effects on long-term health. Taking the steps to eliminate it by soundproofing a room is a great step towards giving your congregation or audience a much more pleasant experience.