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Sound Survey Services

Noise Consultant Sound Survey

Sound Consultant Noise Survey

eNoise Control has experience working with industrial hygienists, safety managers, and plant engineers on noise control problems. Often, the first step to correcting a noise control problem is to conduct a sound survey or sound map.

Sound mapping can provide our clients with a visual representation of the current sound levels. This is the noise level that workers are being exposed to on a daily basis. This map then can be used as a baseline of current noise levels in the plant. This baseline is the starting point to help address high noise level areas, time-weighted averages, and potential noise control engineering. 

By hiring an acoustical consultant, such as eNoise Control, your factory can better identify noise levels, source noise, and sound abatement techniques to help lower these levels. Our acoustical consulting services help take out the “guesswork” in addressing sound problems by recommending a custom tailored solution consisting of a variety of noise canceling products like sound blankets, sound curtains, STC rated doors and more.

eNoise Control provides several resources for clients interested in conducting sound surveys. Browse the links below to learn more about the survey process and acceptable noise levels.