Should I Hire an Acoustical Consultant?

Should I Hire an Acoustical Consultant?

When it comes to noises and sounds, there is a limit everyone should respect.  Whether it is a manufacturing plant, traffic, or machinery, everything makes noise.  Often there are regulations in place to keep noise from becoming bothersome to residents or workers.  When these established acoustic thresholds are exceeded, the noise can become more than a nuisance.  High noise levels can cause headaches, disrupt attention, and cause other negative physiological symptoms.  Learn more about how the human ear hears sound.

Outdoo5Sound measurement techniques are used more often than you may think.  A business owner that has noisy equipment must make sure that the level of acoustical disturbance is safe for his or her employees and clients.  Also, businesses and residences that are located near industrial areas or high traffic areas can use acoustical consultant services to check the levels of outdoor noise.

Some noise frequencies can cause more of a subtle discomfort rather than an intense pain.  Anxiety and nervousness, headaches, and irritability can call be influenced by various sound frequencies.  For instance, sounds that are in a high frequency range can affect the brain negatively, although they may barely be noticed by your ears.  Our ears can only hear sounds within some ranges, but our body may still be able to perceive them in different ways when they are outside those ranges.  Sound surveys completed with properly calibrated equipment can determine whether the noise within an area has frequencies that can cause a disturbance.

Do you know what is in your municipal noise code?  Acoustical consulting services can help you determine what legal rules you must abide by and help you keep your noise sources in check.

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