Construction Site Noise Reduction

Construction Site Noise Reduction

Whether long-term or transient, construction sites can cause an awful lot of noise in a surrounding neighborhood and distress for the residents in them.  For indoor and outdoor noise in varying stages of construction, there is a variety of equipment that can disrupt any serene landscape.


The activities in and around construction sites are always changing as a building project progresses. This can cause waves of new noises and traffic to the area.  Noise ordinances attempt to regulate disruptive noise to certain times of day.  However, residents and workers may still be disturbed by early morning construction work.  Bothersome construction equipment can include any of the following:

  • Jackhammers
  • Compressors
  • Drilling rigs
  • Cement mixers

The visible demolition and construction can also be an eyesore for neighbors.  Construction companies do not intend to disrupt the lives of nearby residents, but the noise and traffic often disturbs people living or working nearby.  Unfortunately, construction is important to help our communities continue to grow.  So what can be done to help construction companies comply with local noise codes?  How can they help mitigate the noise they create?

Construction Site Sound Barrier FenceeNoise Control has extensive experience offering noise control solutions to the construction industry.  Consulting and retaining a professional to measure decibel levels at a site can help identify specific noise control needs.  eNoise Control offers on-site consultation and products for a variety of temporary or long-term construction products.