Quilted Sound Barrier

Quilted Sound Barrier

Many of our clients needing sound control for their industrial applications turn to our quilted sound barrier as a solution.  The rugged vinyl facing provides resistance to oil and chemicals and is well-suited to any industrial environment.  The diamond stitched pattern gives this quilted sound barrier an attractive appearance to keep manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other indoor and outdoor industrial applications looking unified and professional. eNoise offers several quilted sound barrier options such as Model UNC-25, nominal 2” thick sound curtain.  This popular curtain comes in gray, tan, black or white.  The UNC-25 blanket also comes standard with grommets/eyelets and mating overlapping Velcro.

sound blanket unc 25The quilted sound barrier, also called sound curtains or noise blankets, provides noise control in two ways.  The curtains are constructed with a quilted fiberglass composite absorber that blocks sound as well as absorbing it.  This product is often used to create sound curtain walls, partitions, or enclosures around noisy industrial equipment.  Panels can be made with mating Velcro strips and heavy duty grommets for easy hanging.  The sound control systems can be designed to move to provide easy access to machinery, or be stationery.


Sound curtains accessable double trackSound Curtain enclosures with quilted panels are completely modular and can be designed to accommodate your access needs.  We understand that many of our clients need frequent access to their machinery to perform essential maintenance.  Curtains can be manufactures with clear vinyl windows to see into the enclosure.

Track systems can be installed such that the panels can slide past each other to provide access.  The tracks can be suspended from the ceiling or floor mounted.  In addition to providing access, these track systems also provide stability to the enclosure or wall.

Some clients prefer portable screens on roller casters that can be moved into any position. These screens are constructed be fastening quilted panels onto a metal frame.  These provide maximum portability if your equipment needs to be able to move frequently.


hydraulic pump station sound blanket enclosureQuilted sound curtain enclosures are used in a variety of industrial applications.  They are more versatile and economical than steel enclosures, while still offering excellent noise reduction.  Typical applications for curtain enclosures or partitions include

eNoise Control can help you design a sound curtain enclosure.  Our experienced sales team can help you with all of the specifications you need over the phone and with photos.

Outdoor Use

We offer an exterior grade facing designed to withstand years of UV exposure and inclement weather.  These are well suited to construction sites and outdoor mechanical equipment.  The panels are easily installed onto chain link fences or other existing support systems.

Construction site sound fence  Roof top sound curtain