Weld Destruct Testing Noise Reduction

Weld Destruct Testing Noise Reduction

Auto manufacturing today consists of about 40 robotic spot welders assembling each unibody structure. The robots perform many welds per vehicle and produce around 1000 vehicles per day. To make sure the auto bodies are build within specs, a complete tear down is required on one out of every 20,000 vehicle bodies. The auto body is taken to the teardown area where workers with pneumatic chipping hammers completely destroy each weld. This test demonstrates the hardness and shock-load capability of the weld by measuring the energy required to break it apart.

As you can see from the description of the process, this test can be very noise. We have built many test rooms out of modular steel acoustical panels and from sound barrier curtains. These noise enclosures allow the sound of the testing to be isolated from other areas of the factory.

Modular Steel Sound Enclosure

Steel sound enclosures for weld destruct testing are typically a four-sided enclosure with a roof constructed of acoustical panels. Panels are 4″ thick with 16 gauge solid galvanized steel type G90 exterior shells. The interior shell is 22 gauge perforated galvanized steel. The modular panels join together with a tongue and groove connection and mechanically fasten together with self-drilling sheet metal screws. The panels are filled with an inert, mildew-resistent, vermin-proof, and incombustible acoustic grade fill.

Modular steel sound enclosures for weld destruct test areas are made in any size. Doors are available to accommodate a lift truck and silenced ventilation is also available.

Sound Curtain Panels with Frame

Weld destruct test enclosures constructed with sound curtain panels are most effective when they have four sides and a roof. Individual sound curtain panels are 54″ wide. Brass grommets on the top edges provide for suspension and hook and loop velcro allow the panels to connect and overlap to form a wall. Panels feature a gray vinyl faced barrier-absorber composite construction with diamond stitching. Curtain systems are hung from floor mounted frames with double roller track on all sides. The track system allow the panels to slide left and right behind one another for maintenance and access.

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