Soundproofing Foam

Soundproofing foam is foam that is specifically designed to eliminate acoustic problems that are occurring in a particular room. Also known as acoustic foam, the product is an effective way to reduce noise from bleeding from one room to another and most often found in rooms like recording studios or other musical rooms. The foam is very effective at reducing echoes and reverb that occur in other rooms as well. Excess noise problems are often downplayed, but they can lead to stress, sleep loss, and even high blood pressure. Unwanted echo and reverb in a room is one of the leading causes of noise pollution in a given area. Soundproofing foam is also an effective way to reduce noise from bleeding from one room to another.

At, our team of consultants can perform a sound survey that will make it possible to decide the best method for getting rid of unwanted sound you may be experiencing. These surveys give you and the consultant a visual representation of a room’s sound flow in order to understand the best type of soundproofing foam that should be used. eNoise Control uses a three-tiered method of reducing or eliminating the excess noise that you are experiencing.


Melamine Acoustic Foam

Polyurethane Acoustic Foam
The main aspects of the three-tiered method are as follows:



Containment – Keeping sound isolated is an important step towards reducing noise pollution.  eNoise Control has a variety of different soundproofing foams available that can isolate and separate unwanted noise in any given area.

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The path – The sound survey will help our consultants understand what direction the sound in a gym, warehouse or church is traveling. The right soundproofing foam product can redirect the noise and reduce the negative effect it has on the individuals in the room.

Entry points – Our acoustic foam also can reduce the amount of noise entering your room from another area. One of the key factors of an acoustically-sound room is isolating and separating specific noises to prevent distortion.

At eNoise Control, we provide top quality acoustic foam to our clients. All of the products we use to reduce and eliminate unwanted noise are completely fire-safe and have the highest safety ratings. Our products are very easy to install and can reduce or eliminate unwanted sound, no matter the frequency range in which it occurs. Having an acoustically-sound environment benefits businesses, gyms, churches, and community areas, making them safer and healthier for inhabitants. You may not realize how noisy a given location is until you have a sound survey performed by one of our consultants. Reducing noise pollution makes any given area safer and even healthier for the inhabitants.

If you are interested in using soundproofing foam to help reduce unwanted echo and noise pollution, please contact an eNoise Control representative to schedule a sound survey with one of our consultants. They will be able to give you a visual representation of the flow of sound in any structure to help you determine which style of fire-safe soundproofing foam can best contain, direct and eliminate the noise. Your safer and healthier sound environment is just a phone call away.

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