Outdoor Deep Well Pumps

The Western United States, and California in particular, is currently in the middle of the worst drought in decades.  With a scarcity of water, companies construct deep wells to access water the region badly needs.  Because of the drought, outdoor deep well pumps have become more prevalent and closer to residential property lines and neighborhoods.

Deep Well PumpThe well pumps (jet pump) can be run with large noisy motors that produce a high pitched hum or whine.  These noises can carry long distances and are often a disturbing nuisance to neighboring properties and homes.  eNoise Control offers assistance with well pump applications.  First, we conduct on-site acoustic sound measurements to evaluate the pump noise and determine sound levels at the pump and noise levels at the property line.  Our acoustic report will offer certified calibrated noise measurements and feasible options to control the noise.  If you have already conducted an assessment, we will help you with noise control materials.  One option is an outdoor sound wall engineered to absorb energy, block the noise, and redirect the noise away from the neighborhood.  If a large amount of noise control is needed, we offer full sound enclosures to encapsulate the noise while also allowing for access and ventilation.

View our case study on deep well pump sound enclosures and call us to discuss your application with a trained technical associate.  We look forward to helping you soundproof your well pump.