Oil and Gas Exploration Noise Control

Oil and natural gas services companies have reached out to us, eNoise Control, for best way to reduce high noise levels from there drilling , fracking, compressor stations and other oil/gas operations. We have supplied noise enclosures around compressor stations, sound blankets for drilling and sound walls around operations in such areas as the Permian basin (including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado) and the Marcellus basin (including Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia).

Sound Mapping ServicesSound Mapping Services

There is a growing trend of energy security in the United States and thus more drilling & fracking operations are continuing near residential areas of these states and cities. eNoise has supported US based oil and gas exploration companies in their pursuit to lower noise emissions, property line noise disturbances and worker noise exposure.

Blower Enclosures Blower Enclosures

Outdoor Compressor Sound Walls Outdoor Compressor Sound Walls

We can also come on-site for sound measurements and decibel readings. We gather and measure 1/3 rd octave band sound data to analyze your exploration, drilling, fracking or compressing operation. We input this data into an acoustic software program to help predict noise levels at the nearest property line. Our sound consulting services can help determine if your operation is in compliance with any local city, county or state noise ordinances.

Outdoor Generator Enclosure Outdoor Generator Enclosure

Drilling Sound Blankets Drilling Sound Blankets

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