Noise Code Solutions

Many cities across the country have enacted local noise codes or ordinances and standards to help alleviate noise pollution from industrial facilities and construction projects.  While the specific rules vary between jurisdictions, there is often a maximum allowed noise level.  Industrial and manufacturing facilities and construction companies may find themselves looking for a variety of solutions to help mitigate their noise problems and remain in compliance with the local noise code.

The New York City noise code recommends the use of a perimeter noise barrier along the construction fence at construction sites for noise mitigation.  The approved method is to use outdoor noise curtains on the construction fence, or portable steel frames.  The noise curtains should achieve a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 30 or greater.  The noise mitigation regulations also require noise curtain enclosures for specific pieces of outdoor construction equipment.

eNoise Control has experience navigating noise codes and ordinances and can help your organization comply with the local rules.  We offer sound surveys and consulting to help you determine whether you are in compliance and products to help you adhere to the decibel limits.

Outdoor Construction Sound Blanket for Noise Code Adherence

Outdoor Construction Sound Blanket

Construction Outdoor Sound Curtains

Outdoor Sound Curtains at Construction Site












Our outdoor sound curtain is equal to the Sound Seal BBC-13-2 noise curtain recommended in the New York City Noise Code.

Links to Noise Codes and Ordinances

The links below will take you to the rules as available on the city or municipality website.  These documents provide more details about your area such as how loud noise can be, the hours in which the ordinance is in effect, and how to handle complaints.  We have experience navigating local noise ordinances and can help  you with determining if your area has restrictions on noise pollution.

New York City Construction Noise Rules (PDF)

Chicago Environmental Noise Ordinance (PDF)

Regulations for the Control of Noise in the City of Boston (PDF)

San Diego Code of Enforcement – Noise Abatement

Here at eNoise Control, we provide a wide range of noise reduction products to keep you in compliance with local noise ordinances; such as sound blankets, outdoor sound blankets, sound curtains, sound barrier walls, and STC rated doors. If you need assistance and would like a custom-tailored noise reduction solution, talk to our acoustical consultant noise experts today!