Mining Sound Dampening Products

Sound Dampening Products for Mining

Mining (copper, lithium, gold, steel, etc.) companies (Miners) are concerned with noise control and sound reduction for their employees and neighboring property lines.  Miners have many sound sources that can create high levels of noise for neighbor complaints and employee noise exposure.  These sources include heavy trucks, hydraulic mining shovels, rotary & rock drill rigs, draglines, blasting techniques and others.  MSHA {Mine Safety and Health Administration) also requires noise monitoring and evaluation work if high levels of noise exposure is measured.   eNoise Control can offer noise evaluations, sound measurements and acoustic consulting for your mining operation site of concern. 


Techniques that can be applied include:

  • Exterior rated sound blankets:  to enclosure, partition or wall of high noise sources such as drilling rigs, hydraulic pumps, crushers, perimeter fencing, etc. 
  • Equipment sound enclosures:  to enclosure noisy equipment and processes.  These acoustic steel enclosures are fully assembled (or field erected) high sound dampening acoustic steel sound enclosures.  “Metal sound boxes” is layman terms on our offering.
  • Perimeter sound walls:  we can offer our modular acoustic steel panels that can be installed with I-beam steel supports to perimeter off your work site.  Our sound walls are 2” or 4” thick acoustic steel panels (perforated interior skin with acoustic insulation interior and solid sheet metal exterior).  Galvanized steel, painted steel or aluminum are common metals we use for our acoustic system. 
  • Sound attenuators:  these devices can help silence airborne noise coming form loud equipment exhausts.  The “sound silencers” will allow airflow but sound suppression.


Drilling rig partitioned with exterior rated sound blankets

Drilling rig partitioned with exterior rated sound blankets

If you are extracting or drilling for copper, lithium, iron ore, precious metals, etc. and are experiencing high noise output, please call or email eNoise Control to discuss your application for noise control at your site.