Increase Safety with Industrial Sound Curtains

Industrial sound curtains are a popular choice when reducing irritating noise. These curtains are typically used to deaden sound from loud HVAC systems or loud construction.

Industrial sound curtains are great for a variety of reasons. They are exceptionally effective in reducing noise, they are cost-effective and they extremely versatile in their uses. Additionally, these sound deadening flexible vinyl barriers create a safer working environment. These curtains are more than proficient at preventing hearing loss, controlling air particles, containing chemicals, managing odors and separating temperature. In this post, we will go into more depth on the protection benefits of industrial sound curtains and provide some information on the science behind the safety


1. Hearing Loss Prevention



Typically construction workers will be instructed to wear to protect their ears from any damage that could occur due to the roaring noises. However, since passerby are not always wearing the same ear protection as the workers they are particularly susceptible to the dangers surrounding loud construction noise.

Exposure to high levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss. And unfortunately, surgery or a hearing aid will not help correct this type of hearing loss. This is why it is so important to take the proper safety measure not only for the workers at the construction site but for those who will be carrying out their day around it.

Industrial sound curtains are a great way to deafen the noise between the construction site and general public areas. These are extremely effective at reducing loud thundering noises that can come from noisy equipment. The industrial sound curtains are engineered to absorb and redirect the sound waves with their quilted and vinyl-coated design. Within the barrier is a thick layer of padding that absorbs noise pollution with minimal bulk. Any sound that isn’t absorbed bounces off the vinyl surfaces the lose their coherence and are rendered harmless.

2. Air Particle Control



It is no question that airborne particles are a potential health hazard. Modern science has linked the chemical and physical characteristics of certain particles to respiratory diseases. Woodworking, painting, ceramic grinding, and chemical processing can all produce small particles that are able to reach the lungs. In some situations, particle exposure can lead to lung cancer, damage to the nose throat and lungs and metal fume fever. In addition to the health risks, there is the potential of fire and explosions from certain particulate build-up.

Installing industrial sound curtains, can provide an effective physical barrier and reduce the area that needs to be filtered by exhaust fans.



3. Chemical Containment


Industrial sound curtains are also effective at containing chemicals. Not only do the curtains act as barriers for particles during chemical processing but they also act as blockades to keep passerby away from the area in the event the construction workers are handling dangerous chemicals.

Since certain chemicals can travel airborne and have a long lifespan before becoming harmless a physical barrier is essential to disrupting the drift. Industrial sound curtains will protect against any contamination between the area within the barrier and the area outside of it. This is especially useful if the area outside of the work site is processing food.



4. Odor Management


Odors can be particularly irritating if the construction site is in an area near the general public, such as an office building. Not only can it be a nuisance to cope with for the duration of the construction project but it can be potentially dangerous to inhale certain fumes that may come from various construction equipment.

Odors are a bit different than particles that may physically come from the projects within the construction site. Toxic odors are made up of molecules that are gaseous and airborne and depending on the source, potentially lethal. Even common construction substances, such as concrete sealant, can release dangerous odors that would leave those nearby dizzy or faint.

It is extremely important to form a barrier around the source that is emitting toxic or irritating odors and properly ventilate the area to keep workers and pedestrians safe during the project.


5. Temperature Separation



Often times, construction equipment can emit high heat that could compromise the fragile environment in many manufacturing plants that require the right temperatures. If the environment is tempered in a manufacturing facility, products could be compromised and consumers could potentially face safety concerns.

Industrial sound curtains can combat this issue because they are comprised of insulating properties that will trap the temperatures within the area. These barriers are not only capable of withstanding intense heat and freezing temperatures, but they are also able to contain temperatures in the encasement so the area around it has little to no impact.



Here at eNoise control, we are industrial sound curtain experts. We understand each project is different and every environment is different, which is why every industrial sound curtain set up is specific to the individual use case. Our team of sound professionals can equip you with the knowledge on what curtains would best suit your needs and suggest layouts that would be safest for your construction site.

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