NYC Rooftop HVAC Noise Control

Rooftop Sound CurtaineNoise Control was contacted by a contractor that was working on a project for a large bank check processing center in New York City.  The bank was receiving noise complaints from neighbors that were adjacent to a rooftop HVAC unit.  The bank hired the contractor to come up with a solution to this noise control issue.  eNoise Control recommended a four-sided open top outdoor sound curtain enclosure.

Step one is to locate the HVAC unit installation manual and find out the required clearances around the HVAC unit for it to function properly.  These clearances added to the dimensions of the unit will provide you with a foot print for the proposed sound barrier.

Sound Enclosure on RoofOnce the footprint is established, a support frame is installed with vertical uprights and top center and bottom rails for attachment.  The contractor decided to tie frame into the existing dunnage steel frame that was supporting the HVAC unit on the roof.   Next the sound curtain panels were sized and designed to fit the installed steel frame.



After fabrication, the permanent outdoor sound curtain panels are attached to the frame with large washers and self-tapping screws through the provided grommet holes.  A field binding kit was used to cut and mend any cutouts in the curtains for piping and conduit.

NYC Rooftop Sound CurtainThe contractor and client were pleased with the sound reduction performance and the ease of installation.  This contractor went on the install five (5) additional outdoor sound curtain enclosures for the Bank at its different locations throughout NYC.

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