Bridges and Road Construction Noise Control

Infrastructure Vibration Noise Control

eNoise Control is here to assist contractors and engineers on their noise control needs for infrastructure projects. These projects include site preparation, bridge repair/replace work, road construction, pipeline upgrades, trenching, etc. All these construction activities involve heavy equipment creating high noise levels that may affect neighboring properties.

With the 2021 signing of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, enacting a key piece US domestic spending agenda that will funnel billions of dollars into states and local governments to upgrade outdated roads, bridges, transit systems and more.

Construction site sound blanket for noise controlMachinery will be used on-site to perform the construction, digging, demolish, repair, blasting, excavating, etc., work to help achieve these goals of building back the US infrastructure. These projects will create unwanted noise and disruptive, aggravating property line disturbances and complaints.

Our sound suppression blankets are modular, cost-effective option to install around your construction site perimeter (chain link fence by others) to lower this unwanted construction site noise. The bill should also boost production of mining for metals (copper, lithium, steel, aluminum, etc.). eNoise works with mining companies to help reduce noise exposure to the excavation and fabrication of many of these base metals.

Much of this new infrastructure spending will make it into residential and highly populated areas where construction noise will be a problem for residents.  Earth moving equipment, pile driving, directional drill are just a few of the operations that have introduced high noise levels into sound sensitive areas of cities and towns that a noise control plan will need to be addressed.

eNoise Control has had experience with noise control of heavy construction sites with our outdoor sound curtain the Model CSSB-2 – Construction Site Sound Blanket.  This product is typically in stock and ready to ship in 1-2 days to a construction site anywhere in the United States.

Model CSSB-2 Construction Site Sound Blankets

Model CSSB-2 Construction Site Sound Blankets

Product FeaturesSound blanket for outdoor construction

  • Weatherproof
  • Outdoor use/Sheds water
  • 2” thick, quilted exterior rated facing
  • Grommets for easy attachment to a fence
  • STC‐21, estimated 10‐20 decibel reduction
  • In‐stock option for quick ship





eNoise Control’s Construction Site Sound Blankets are used to block noise on construction sites, drilling sites, compressor stations, and other outdoor noise sources. Our Model CSSB‐2 consists of a UV resistant, heavy duty 10 ounce per square yard vinyl coated polyester (VCP) facing on both sides of a nominal 2” thick quilted fiberglass. Sound Blankets are constructed with grommets and sewn with Gore Tenara exterior grade thread for maximum longevity. The sound blankets can simply be zip‐tied to your existing chain link perimeter fence, wood fence, jersey barrier fencing, or support framing.

Construction Site Sound Blankets

Construction Site Sound Blankets


  • Supply weatherproof, exterior-rated quilted sound blankets for sound barrier and visual barrier at construction site perimeter
  • Material shall be nominal 2″ thick, diamond stitched UV resistant 10 ounce per square yard vinyl coated polyester (VCP) faced both sides
  • Sewn using exterior rated Gore Tenara thread
  • Grommets integrated into blankets for securing to job site fencing
  • Minimum STC 21 rating
  • Minimum NRC-0.75 rating
  • Security blankets with no visual gaps at joints and tight to ground level, complying to manufacturers installation guidelines
Construction Sound Blanket

Construction Sound Blanket

As the $1 trillion infrastructure bill rolls out in the coming years with new road, bridges, water supply, wastewater and drainage upgrade construction projects get started, the need for reduction for construction noise will be in high demand and eNoise Control will be prepared to assist you procuring the sound blanket wall that many projects will demand.  Please contact eNoise Control to discuss your infrastructure project.